World’s Ugliest Cribbage Board

There is no denying that these cribbage boards are ugly, but don’t dismiss them out of hand. Boards like these can be made with whatever material is available. They can be built in a few minutes by someone with minimal tools. In fact even if you can’t draw a straight line you can make a functional cribbage board. So while they may not look like much, in a pinch they do the job.

The cribbage board at the top is made from a piece of cardboard. To make it poke four rows of thirty holes. No need for heavy machinery to make the holes, a ball point pen or large sewing needle will do the trick. The pegs are made from wooden matchs cut in half. Tapering the bottom half of the pegs help them slide in and out of the holes. So if you have a cardboard box, you have a cribbage board.

The blue cribbage board above is made from a piece of a foam camp mattress. The holes are made just like with the cardboard version. The pegs are pop rivets that have been marked with a magic marker. To make it easier to count the holes a line was scratched in the foam after every fifth hole. You can make this cribbage board in no time on your next hiking trip.

This last board is not a tradtional design. Instead of holes, dots have been drawn on the paper. Then slices of cork with half a toothpick stuck in them are used for pegs. To use, simply point the tip of the toothpick at the dot needed. This is an easy board to make when materials are limited.


Use these examples as inspiration for making your own cribbage boards. Explore different materials, or methods of building. Then when you come up with something you are proud of, be sure to share it with us in the comments .


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