A different way to play online


There is no shortage of web pages that will let you play traditional games online. You may even have your choice of playing a live opponent or a computer. But there is another way to enjoy traditional games online. You can use video calling.

Playing a game with video calling software has some interesting advantages. You can see and talk to the person you are playing on your computer. It can be a fun way to interact with a friend who is too far way to play with. It can also make it so you can play variations of some of your favorite games that have not been made programs online.

Some school chess clubs have been playing matches with clubs around the world using video calling. The clubs call each other on their computer. Then each player takes their turn by telling the opponent what piece he is moving and to which square. The squares are identified by standard algebraic notation.

You can can use video calls to play other games the same way. Try playing Shogi, Xaingqi, or Oware. Games with dice can be played if you aim the camera so you can see the roll. That means we can add games like Backgammon, Liars dice, and Cublilete to the list of games to try.

Video calling can be a useful tool for your modern gamer. So why not call up an old friend for game.


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