Partnership Dominoes


Grab a partner and try this favorite of Latin America.


Four players playing in teams of two

A set of double six dominoes
Score pad

How to play

Teammates sit across from each other. The game starts by shuffling the dominos face down.

All the players pick one domino from the facedown pile. The player who has most dots on their domino leads the first hand.

A player reshuffles the dominoes and then each player picks seven for their hand.

The lead player puts down any domino they like to start the layout. The lay out has only two ends that can be played on. Each player in turn plays a domino whose number matches either end of the layout on the table. The matching numbers are placed on the lay out so that they touch. Doubles are often placed crossways to help keep track of doubles played.

If a player cannot play on either end of the layout they are skipped. Players can signal this by tapping the table or just saying pass.

The first player to have played all their dominoes wins the hand and is awarded the points left over in the opposing team’s dominoes. Each domino is worth the number of dots it has.

If no player can play on the layout the team with the lowest number of points left in their hand wins all the points in opposing team’s unplayed dominoes.

The player to the right of the person who went out leads the next hand.

The first team to wins 100 points wins the match.


Some people play the holder the double six leads the first domino the match.

You can also play the winner of the hand wins the points from all the unplayed dominoes including the ones held by their partner. The first team to win 200 points wins the match. In this variation your partner may decide to hold onto high point dominoes if they are confident you will win the hand.

Another variation is person who who won the hand leads the next hand.


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