Improvised Domino sets


I love the way dominoes sound when being shuffled. There is also something pleasing about slapping a heavy domino the table. Full sized dominoes are not going to be blown around by the wind while playing in the park, or ruined when someone spills drink on them. But what do you do when full sized double six set of dominoes is not practical to carry around? Then it is time to look at some field expedient solutions.

Mini Domino sets

When you are traveling a full sized set can be to much bulk in your luggage. This is where a mini set of dominoes can come in handy. You can buy these at many game stores or online for a few bucks. Only a little larger than a deck of cards, but still have many of the advantages a traditional set.

There is sometimes a problem with the mini dominoes in your hand falling over. To fix this try putting them in some wooden racks scrounged from a scrabble game . This way even when playing on a airplane during turbulence they will not fall over.

You can reduce the space the set takes up in you luggage by storing it in a cloth pouch. This way it can be squeezed into whatever space is left in your luggage. A bag is also helpfully when playing in cramped quarters. Instead of having the bone yard on a small table leave them in the bag and draw from there.


Paper Domino set

Want an even lighter set of dominoes? Then maybe you should try a paper set. You can use your computer to print dominoes on card stock or heavy paper. There are a number of websites with dominoes already drawn and ready to print out. They are Super light weight, portable, and cheap.


Field Expedient Domino set

There are times when even the most prepared dominoes player finds themselves without a set. When this happens it is time to make a set from scratch. The art work on a domino set is nothing more complicated than dots and line. So you can make an improvised set out of any material that you can draw on. In the photo below I have used brown card board, stiff paper, rectangles cut from an old camp mattress, strips of duct tape and even some old playing cards. Now I grant you the dominoes below are not things of beauty, but they show that in a pinch you can put together a set from whatever you have where ever you are.



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