Chess is everywhere you want to be

The reason I wanted to learn traditional games is to fulfill a day-dream of mine. I want to be able to travel the world and play games in any park, pub, or coffeehouse I came upon. I like the idea of learning less known regional games to play with the locals. So why would I start this blog by writing about chess? I took sometime to think about what makes a game easy to play with people in far off lands. This is when I realized that Chess has some advantages that many other traditional games may not.

The most obvious advantage chess has is it is easy to find an opponent. There many players spread all over the world. This means that wherever you are there is a good chance of finding someone who plays chess. From university chess clubs to hustlers playing in the park chess games are found everywhere

Now lets take a look at its consistent rules. The rules of chess have changed very little since the nineteenth century . These are the same rules used in casual games in the park or international tournaments. Many games have variants and house rules that differ from region to region or even player to player. Not so with chess, you play the same way in Moscow as you do Boston.

Another advantage of chess is it can be played with limited language skills Since the rules are consistent around the world you can play a game without talking at all. This is important if you and your opponent do not share a common language. Games can even take place in locations where conversation is difficult like noisy pubs or quite libraries. If you understand the rules of the game usually nothing else needs to be said.

You will also find very few games that have more written about it then chess. There is information not only on rules but the strategies and techniques to use while playing. There are even the records of games played for people to review and replay so they can improve their skills. All these books and articles makes it easier for people to learn and play better.

So if you are want to learn a game that will allow to play with people from the four corners of the earth ,start with chess.


2 thoughts on “Chess is everywhere you want to be

  1. hi

    i share your appreciation for chess but do wish you had referred, as well, to xiangqi (Chinese chess). between those two widely played versions of the game, you are likely to find an opponent most anywhere. so long for now. have to return to the xiangqi games i’m playing on line.


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